The very first step you'll need to take when setting up your new hosting account is to alter your nameservers for your domain.

That sounds complicated, but do not worry, it's really not!

Your new hosting account has two nameservers. They are just like a postcode (zip code for our friends in USA). When someone types in your domain ( into their browser the domain will direct the browser to the correct location to find your website - your hosting account. 

When you first purchase a domain and try to visit it you'll see an advert for the domain provider where you bought the domain. This is because the domain's nameservers are pointed towards the domain provider. You need to change the nameservers to point towards your hosting account. It's not too hard.

You log into your domain provider's account (we use 123-Reg to buy domains). Navigate to the link for changing nameservers and when you're there you can enter up to 4 nameservers. Most hosting providers only use two, so don't worry that with Tiny Blue Rocket we only provide you with two nameservers. Once you've entered both of the nameservers make sure you save the changes and you're done.

However, the change of nameservers can take up to 48 hours to take effect. If you have owned your domain for a few years and kept it pointing towards another hosting provider for a while it will take near to 48 hours to switch. If your domain is brand new it'll switch over (propogate) in milliseconds!

Have a look at our video to find out more about changing nameservers.