What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are data files that help create a secure connection between a server and a browser. Without one there is a heightened risk of someone intercepting the communication between server and browser. This interception can include the collection of login details, personal details and banking information.

Why should I get an SSL certificate?

If you don’t sell products or collect user’s data you might be wandering what the point is then of getting an SSL certificate. The reason for is two-fold. Firstly, because users might not trust any website that does not take the time to protect their users. Secondly, in recent years Google has downlisted sites with an SSL in its rankings while Chrome and other browsers list these websites as ‘Not Secure’. A big red warning to all visitors that this website is a risk!

How do I install a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.

With three clicks of a mouse you can install a FREE 256-bit LetsEncrypt SSL certificate and begin protecting your customers. Firstly, within your cPanel dashboard click on ‘LetsEncrypt SSL’. Then click on ‘Issue’ next to your chosen domain name. Finally, confirm by clicking on ‘Issue’ again. It really is that simple!